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They made it! May 24, 2009

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Well, it was a long haul with only six survivors, but the fishies won the battle! Yesterday I picked up my new aquarium, and what was left of the little fish survived the 3.5 hour road trip. I was told there were fifteen fish originally, but there were only eight or so by the time I had arrived to take them home with me. One died while we were packing the equipment into the van, and another died not long after we had hit the road, but all-in-all the trip was a successful one!

What had happened was the previous owner cleaned and packed everything up the night before, and the fish were left in a bowl through the night. Depleted oxygen + high levels of ammonia from fish waste = unhappy and very dead fish.

The six that are left are now swimming happily in the hastily set-up aquarium down in the family room. I’ll be keeping an eye on the tank over the next couple of weeks, making sure everything is balanced as it should be. I’m hoping there was enough good bacteria left that I won’t have to worry about the cycling of the tank, but we’ll see!


It's a start… May 20, 2009

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In just a few short days I will acquire my very own freshwater aquarium. I’ll be starting with a 24 gallon set-up, complete with all of the necessary accessories, and even fish. I’m lucky to be getting such a set-up at such a low price ($150), as I’ve read it can cost upwards of 300-500 dollars in supplies to start. 

I’m concerned about transporting the live fish, as the drive will be a lengthy 3+ hours to and from pick-up, but I’ve been told the fish should be fairly resilient so long as they’re in an appropriate container for transport. I’ve no idea of the species I’ll be getting, but the number of fish will be about 15 or so. Fifteen fish sounded like a lot for a 24gal, but they could be all smaller varieties. 

I’ve read all kinds of material on proper fish care since the thought of starting an aquarium swam into my mind, and I’m reeling over the possibilities for customization! I can’t wait to get started.